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Learning 2 Forgive... 

Sometimes people say things that they don't actually mean. Maybe they're angry, upset, depressed, jealous, etc.. You may not ever know the reason they lashed out and said hurtful things to you. 

People will hurt you, like it or not, that is a part of the human experience. Sometimes you will get hurt intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. How you respond to that says a lot about your emotional strength and your character. Becoming bitter and generalizing everyone doesn't provide a positive solution or will ever change what happened to you. Building emotional walls, to protect yourself, may make you feel better but it's an illusion. 

The emotional walls you hide behind are not protecting you from getting hurt. Those walls have imprisoned you from life and more importantly from moving on with your life. Because at the end of the day, isn't that the most important thing, your life? and how you live it?

The Darkest Place 

Somewhere between the Love & Trust I gave you, I can feel the darkness rising from the ashes.  The ashes of pain, I thought I had buried deep inside. I feel disconnected from my soul, and the faith that awakens my spirit every morning. 

You say you love me, I feel your love but then you create memories of lies, and disrespect. Where is the truth? Where is the love? Where are the feelings that we once shared so deeply? All I see is us moving backwards in time. Will I ever be able to lay down on our earth, and feel the world turn? 

Morning to Night, Midnight to Magic. The illusions of Life create the perfect picture. I know you do not care about my feelings. I also know my feelings are not reality. They are a twisted perception created by my sub-conscious. I'm being pulled in a million different directions, by a million fucking people, so the laws of gravity do not allow me to move forward. Hell I can’t even breathe. 

So this silent question lingers in the air: Is it time? Is it time to go to the darkest place? There no one can reach me, see me, hear me, feel me, touch me or hurt me. I'll be safe, but I'll be alone. 

Is it time yet?

I Believe Anything Is Possible 

People come in 2 our lives 4 various reasons, and in various ways. Sometimes things aren't black and white, or crystal clear. We need 2 make an investment of time, and a commitment 2 understand that we brought these people in 2 your lives. They are here 2 help us reach our goals and make our dreams reality, and vice versa. With love and respect anything is possible.



In My World...  

I don’t care about numbers (age, $$$, etc.), colors (ethnic background), sexual orientation (straight, bi, gay), political parties (democrat, republican), etc..  

I care about individuals and what they are contributing to the lives of the people they love, and to the world we all live in. One day you will be at a cemetery. You will either be watching someone you love being buried into the ground, or you will be the one being buried. I watched my brother, being buried, in a military funeral. Within minutes it changed me, my life and the way i see the world.  

Our world will never change until everyone can accept the fact the we are all different in our own way. We need to embrace and learn from our differences, not let them divide us, or pass judgement on others.